As a teaching school we offer a range of professional development opportunities for teachers and school support staff. Our aim is to draw on expertise from across the teaching school alliance to deliver courses that support individuals at every stage of their career in education.

We have an on-site Teaching and Learning Centre to host courses which are delivered by experienced members of our alliance and highly skilled consultants.

For further details or to book a place at any of our training events, email the Teaching School at

Upcoming Events:

Past Training Delivered:

Supporting Children’s Learning in EYFS

Working Scientifically

Leading a Mentally Healthy School –

How to Deliver the Computing Curriculum Effectively in the Primary Classroom

Make Maths Magic

Accelerate Early Writing

School Leadership and Strategic Direction – Plain & Simple

Helicopter Stories – Letting Imagination Fly

Cliff Lansley – Read, Understand and Influence Others

Talk 4 Number

Printlab 3D printing

Worsley Cluster NQT Training

Getting to the Truth – Cliff Lansley

Online Safety Live

Can Do Music

Lesson Study for Yr1 teachers

EY Maths (Nature Not Just Numbers) – Kirstine Beeley

Mastery In Maths – Anthony Reddy

Outstanding Early Years – Shonette Bason


Feedback from some of our courses:

School Leadership & Strategic Direction – Plain & Simple:

  • Tailored to what we needed. Flexible content, friendly, approachable. Asked for what we wanted and ensured that we got it.
  • I feel I can take on more leadership responsibility with greater confidence.
  • A common sense/simple approach to most situations.
  • Super trainer, very inclusive and interesting.

Helicopter Stories:

  • Fantastic to see you with the children, modelling how to do (the approach) correctly.
  • Inspiring philosophy behind it.
  • Thank you for the inspiration.
  • Bursting with wonderful and amazing ideas.

Mastery In Mathematics:

  • Really challenged my thinking.
  • Exceptional modelling and hands on experience.
  • Showing ways to teach that we haven’t seen before.
  • Plenty of practical resources and ideas to implement in the classroom.

Can do Music:

  • Very thought provoking.
  • Really informative, practical and achievable.
  • A clear and concise programme – I am looking forward to using everything.
  • Scheme is fantastic and looks very easy to use.

Lesson Study:

  • I have gained a wealth of ideas from working with other teachers in their classrooms.
  • It was good to network with teachers from other schools.
  • It was good to have the opportunity to observe other teachers.

Getting to the Truth:

  • Really interesting with application to real life.
  • Surpassed expectations!
  • Quality instruction from a knowledgeable presenter.
  • Gave knowledge to support difficult conversations.
  • High quality. Variety – no time to lose interest.


  • Good ideas to adapt to different levels within phonics group.
  • Very informative, phonics broken down in a way that’s easy to understand.

Outstanding Early Years:

  • Shonette was all about bringing happiness back into our jobs.
  • Brought back excitement and enthusiasm for my fantastic job.
  • Interactive, fun and full of content.
  • Enjoyed every minute.
  • Best course I’ve been on!