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Feedback from some of our courses:


School Leadership & Strategic Direction – Plain & Simple:

  • Tailored to what we needed. Flexible content, friendly, approachable. Asked for what we wanted and ensured that we got it.
  • I feel I can take on more leadership responsibility with greater confidence.
  • A common sense/simple approach to most situations.
  • Super trainer, very inclusive and interesting.


Helicopter Stories:

  • Fantastic to see you with the children, modelling how to do (the approach) correctly.
  • Inspiring philosophy behind it.
  • Thank you for the inspiration.
  • Bursting with wonderful and amazing ideas.


Mastery In Mathematics:

  • Really challenged my thinking.
  • Exceptional modelling and hands on experience.
  • Showing ways to teach that we haven’t seen before.
  • Plenty of practical resources and ideas to implement in the classroom.


Can do Music:

  • Very thought provoking.
  • Really informative, practical and achievable.
  • A clear and concise programme – I am looking forward to using everything.
  • Scheme is fantastic and looks very easy to use.


Lesson Study:

  • I have gained a wealth of ideas from working with other teachers in their classrooms.
  • It was good to network with teachers from other schools.
  • It was good to have the opportunity to observe other teachers.


Getting to the Truth:

  • Really interesting with application to real life.
  • Surpassed expectations!
  • Quality instruction from a knowledgeable presenter.
  • Gave knowledge to support difficult conversations.
  • High quality. Variety – no time to lose interest.



  • Good ideas to adapt to different levels within phonics group.
  • Very informative, phonics broken down in a way that’s easy to understand.


Outstanding Early Years:

  • Shonette was all about bringing happiness back into our jobs.
  • Brought back excitement and enthusiasm for my fantastic job.
  • Interactive, fun and full of content.
  • Enjoyed every minute.
  • Best course I’ve been on!